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Nearly 80% of Camarillo's 21,946 dwelling units reported by the U.S. Census Bureau are single family homes, while multi-family housing accounts for 16% and mobile homes make up about 5% of the housing stock. That proportion has remained fairly constant since 1970, countering a statewide decline in single-family homes. A majority of these homes are less than 30 years old, with prices ranging from the mid-$300s to over $1 million.
The city's planned growth initiative for residential construction provides for an annual allocation of 400 new units each year, although permittees may "bank" the units for construction in future years. The city's growth is expected to continue at a fairly constant level.

Apartment rents range from $850 to $2000 per month for one- and two-bedroom units offering a variety of conveniences. Condominium and townhome rentals are also available at slightly higher prices, reflecting the availability of additional amenities which may include tennis courts, golf and lakeside living.

Home Buyer Assistance

There are many forms of assistance available to help you buy a home. The City of Camarillo is a member of the consortia offering the Mortgage Credit Certificate Program. The Department of Housing and Urban Development and the California Housing Refinance Authority are also resources in financing your home purchase. Check with your bank and credit union to see what funding resources are available. Most of all, understand that loans and financing can be competitive. Shop around for home financing to insure you receive the best possible loan.