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The Camarillo Airport, located on the southwest corporate limits of the City of Camarillo, is owned by Ventura County and operated by the Ventura County Department of Airports, which is charged with the day-to-day operation, repair, maintenance, and administration of the airport. The Department of Airports oversees Oxnard and Camarillo Airports and is staffed with 32 employees. The airport is classified as a general aviation reliever airport for the Los Angeles area, supporting a wide range of general aviation activity.

Camarillo Airport has progressed from a sleepy, tower-less facility to a bustling reliever airport with an FAA air traffic control tower and annual operations numbering nearly 190,000. Today the airport boasts a diverse collection of over 560 production, home built, and WWII aircraft with active chapters of the Experimental Aircraft Association and the Commemorative Air Force. With increasing congestion in the Los Angeles basin, pilots and aircraft owners find Camarillo's location, size, and weather to be significant factors in using the airport.

The draw of recreational and corporate aircraft paints an encouraging picture for the future of Camarillo Airport. At this writing, the Department of Airports is conducting a master plan study to determine upcoming operational and/or design requirements. As the region grows, Camarillo Airport will be ready to play its role in serving the needs of general aviation in Ventura County.