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Please Note: A business tax certificate (license) is required before conducting any business, trade, profession, enterprise, establishment or occupation – even if your business is located out-side of the city limits, or you have a business license from another city.


This information is presented to inform and assist business owners of applicable city, county, state, and federal regulations and required city tax certificates (licenses*) and permits. This is a general guide and not intended to supersede any provisions in the City of Camarillo Municipal Code.  

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According to the Camarillo Municipal Code, any person or company carrying on any trade or business within the City of Camarillo is required to pay an annual business tax. The amount of the tax varies for each type of business. These taxes assist the city in providing services such as street maintenance and police protection. Even if you have a business license from another city, you must also pay a business tax in Camarillo. Before you begin doing business in Camarillo, please contact the business tax division at (805) 388-5330 to discuss the type of business you will be conducting so that our staff can inform you of licensing and other requirements before you begin. This step is very important and will possibly save you time getting through the process. 

Certain business activities also may require one or more permits. If a business is to be operated from your home, for example, you will be required to obtain a home occupation permit, although not all businesses are allowed to operate in residential areas. Business tax personnel can tell you which permits, if any, will be required for your business. 

Any required city permits should be approved before you file your fictitious business name or obtain a state resale number. You may file your fictitious business name at the County Clerk’s Office in the County Government Center at 800 South Victoria Avenue. The number to call is (805) 654-3790. You can obtain a California resale number from the State Board of Equalization at (800) 400-7115.