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Disclaimer: GIS maps created by the City of Camarillo Geographic Information System, are designed for the convenience of the City and related public agencies. The City does not warrant the accuracy of these maps, and no decision involving a risk of economic loss or physical injury should be made in reliance thereon.

GIS Maps

General Reference Map

GENERAL REFERENCE MAP - The General Reference Map is a basic map showing Camarillo’s city limits, streets, parks, schools, and natural waterways.  This layout works well as a base map for adding additional information.

Zoning Map
- The City of Camarillo’s Zoning Guide is a map that visually depicts the City’s Zoning Plan.  A zoning plan is established to designate, regulate, and control the location and use of buildings, structures and land for residence, commerce, trade, industry, or other purposes; to regulate and limit the height, number of stories, and size of buildings and other structures; to regulate and determine the size of yards and other open spaces and to regulate and limit the density of population; and for such purposes to divide the City into zones of such number shape and area as may be deemed best suited to carry out these regulations and to provide for the enforcement thereof.

General Plan Map
GENERAL PLAN - The City of Camarillo’s General Plan Map is a visual representation of the City’s General Plan Document.  The General Plan document is a comprehensive document, covering all aspects of the physical environment and taking into account the social and economic consequences associated with community development and change.  The plan becomes an outline, a framework or guide, for decision making by both public and private sectors, to direct the growth, rebuilding or modernization of the community into the type of an environment desired by its people.

City Boundary Map
CITY BOUNDARY MAP - Many people are confused by what actually is and is not the City of Camarillo. Camarillo is an incorporated city encompassing 19.86 square miles of land, although the U.S. Postal Service considers a much larger area of approximately 75 square miles as the Camarillo delivery area. Camarillo Heights and the Las Posas Estates are communities adjacent to the city, with portions of these areas within the incorporated limits of Camarillo. So while many residential and commercial areas, such as Santa Rosa Valley and the Las Posas Estates, have Camarillo mailing addresses they are not actually in the City of Camarillo but in unincorporated Ventura County instead.
Our city limit borders do not always follow street lines, so it is difficult to describe them without looking at a map. Visual landmarks which may help you define the limits of the city are Pleasant Valley Road and Conejo Mountain on the south; the Del Norte Mobile Home Park on the west; portions of the Las Posas Estates and Camarillo Heights to the north; and Conejo Creek and the state weigh station on the east. 

If you question whether an address is, in fact, in the City of Camarillo, call the Department of Community Development at 388-5360 or the Building & Safety Department at 388-5395. Maps of the city are available at the cashier's desk at City Hall and at the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce, 2400 E. Ventura Blvd.

Bike Path Map
BIKEWAY NETWORK PATH MAP - The City of Camarillo wants residents to enjoy biking, jogging, inline skating, skate- boarding and other outdoor activities safely and legally.  In Camarillo you are legally permitted to ride, jog skate, etc., along all public streets so long as you follow traffic laws.  Please note that the law requires pedestrians to travel against the flow of traffic.   You are not however permitted to use roads or trails along river beds, flood control channels or areas other than public streets except for the following: F Canyon, Calleguas Creek, Conejo Grade Trails, Pleasant Valley Park.  There is also a new asphalt trail connecting Camarillo and Oxnard along Ventura Blve. near Central Avenue.  There are three different types of bikeways in Camarillo:
Bike Paths are separate trail facilities away from the roadway;  Bike Lanes are signed and striped lanes along the roadway; and  Bike Routes area marked road with an adequate shoulder.  Please remember that as of 1994, California law requires bicycle riders under the age of 18 must wear a protective helmet while riding.  In 2003, this law was expanded to included scooters, skates and skateboards.  Please ensure your children are wearing their helmet and riding safely. 
GIS Refuse Map ICON
REFUSE SCHEDULE - Refuse and yard waste is collected every week on a regular Monday through Friday schedule.  The recyclables, are collected every other week, but on your same collection day.  On these holidays there is no collection service.  Residential refuse collection days that fall on a holiday will be picked up on the following day and for the remainder of that week all refuse collection will be one day behind the regular schedule.  If you do not know what day collection occurs in your neighborhood, please call Customer Service at 388-5325. To determine pick up schedule: Click HERE, locate address by scrolling through street listing, and far right will provide scheduled day.

GIS Street Sweeping ICON
STREET SWEEPING SCHEDULE - The city's Street Division is responsible for sweeping streets. The objective is to sweep arterial and collector streets, bike lanes and main thoroughfares once per week, and residential streets twice a month. Sweepers also respond to special requests for immediate pickup of debris that can create traffic hazards, such as broken glass. In addition to helping keep the city picked up, sweeping reduces health hazards by ensuring that trash doesn't accumulate and become a haven for insects and rodents. For additional information, or to report an area that needs immediate attention, please call the Street Division at 388-5338 between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

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