The Camarillo Sanitary District (CSD) was formed in 1955 to provide wastewater treatment for most of what is now the City of Camarillo. The treatment plant occupies a 20 acre site on Howard Road next to Conejo Creek. Over the years the treatment plant has undergone several modifications to increase its capacity and to incorporate new technologies. The plant currently treats about 4.0 million gallons of wastewater each day, with a maximum capacity of 7.25 million gallons. In addition to the treatment plant, the district maintains nearly 158 miles of underground sewer lines and four pump stations. Since the inception of the district, the treated wastewater has been used to irrigate adjacent farmlands.

Last year about 289 million gallons of wastewater were reclaimed for irrigation. The treated effluent that is not reclaimed is discharged into Conejo Creek. The biosolids that are produced as a result of treatment are also put to a beneficial use. Currently, these biosolids are being used to improve the soil in Kern County, California. 

The staff of the CSD invites you to take an on-line tour of our facilities. You may also check out the personnel or contact us with any questions or comments. 

The Camarillo Sanitary District (CSD) currently employs 17 people to operate and maintain the collection system ... more