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Camarillo Community TV airs on Channel 10 (Spectrum Cable) or Channel 29 (Frontier Communications). 

The Community Message Board displays information on Camarillo’s local government public meeting schedules and surveys, city job openings, non-profit and community events (must be open to the public), non-profit services, and various other city related information. The channel cannot be used to display any commercial, political, or private event messages. Ads are subject to review and approval by the City of Camarillo as to conformance with the City’s Communication Policy

If you would like to request an ad on Camarillo Community TV, please submit your ad request one week prior to the 1st of the month. New ads will be displayed the first of the month.

The contact information provided below will be used for organization communication only, and will not be shared on the advertisment:





Please read Option 1 and Option 2 (recommended) before uploading images and text.

OPTION 1 - To submit a completed ad image, please upload according to the following:

  • The image size specification must be 640 x 400 pixels.
  • Use fonts styles and colors that stand out to help increase readability and viewability for different TV screen sizes. (Suggested Font: Lato)
CHOOSE FILES (jpeg format only) 

OPTION 2 - To assist us in creating an ad for your organization, please provide at least 2 images as well as your organization’s logo, and the following:

  • Ad message text (Up to 50 characters)
  • Contact info for the ad (email, phone, url, etc)
  • Ad Run Length:  Date / Month


To review Eligibity Guidelines for content to be displyed on CCTV, please click here  to view the City's Communication Policy.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your ad, please email Michelle D'Anna, at